Year of the dolphin: anatomy of a vegan skate shoe, Part IV

Much of the year 2020 I spent on flat surfaces. As a skateboarder I am in touch with our seemingly flat earth, the ground beneath me, the stuff of life - maybe more so than with most of my fellow hominids. Bluntslides felt like a treat in 2020. They always do, but in 2020 there were only a few weeks, in between waves, around summer, when such indulgence was "commensurate with the risk" of COVID crime. As the rats started to awake and venture into the suburbs, I stopped venturing into the suburbs. So, most of the year I spent in parking lots, coexisting with security guards. This is the footwear I used:

New Balance Numeric "NM255FRV" seems to be leather-free

New Balance Numeric "NM213SAM" seems to be leather-free

Preporuke za hranjive sastojke za vegane ("beta")

How to gain weight – and eat well (and maybe influence people)

"Axion Majik" is leather-free