News from Spain

An interview with me by Vida Sana from Spain about my recent Spanish vegan nutrition book "Nutrición vegana - separando la evidencia de la creencia". You can also read the interview in an automatic English translation.

Speaketh Holick (the godfather of vitamin D research on who and how much)

“For my patients who wish to take a vitamin D supplements, I recommend that they take a national brand of vitamin D3. However if they are vegans I will recommend they take vitamin D2.”[It probably doesn't matter much if you take D2 or vegan D3.]

“There continues to be contentious debate about what blood level of 25(OH)D is considered to be deficient and sufficient.”

“The Endocrine Society, National and International Osteoporosis Foundations and the American Geriatric Society chose to define vitamin D sufficiency as the blood level of 25(OH)D of at least 30 ng/mL [75 nmol/L]. They also considered a blood level up to 100 ng/mL [250 nmol/L] as perfectly safe. The Endocrine Society recommend a preferred range of 40–60 ng/mL [100–150 nmol/L]. This is the range that likely our hunter gatherer forefathers achieved while being exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. The body has a huge capacity to produce vitamin D. Exposure of half an adult body to about 50% of the amount of sunlight that w…

Nutrient recommendations for vegans