This blog is something like my personal notepad, and you can have a look, too. I update it when deemed necessary.
You can write to me in English, German, or Spanish.
You can also write to me in Portuguese or Italian, if you really want to.
If you want to make me happy, write to me in Indonesian (but don't fake it). I will definitely need a dictionary.

christiankoeder [AT] gmail [DOT] com 

P.S.: One of my interests - as you might have noticed - is veganism. I have a B.Sc. in nutritional sciences (from JLU Giessen, Germany).
I'm also a skateboarder, in the Vallelyian sense you might add (not Vallelyian style). And I welcome the revival of early/mid-nineties skate fashion.   

P.P.S: That's not a Hitler salute in the photo: I'm pointing to the peak bone mass curve. (Yes, I drink calcium fortified soya milk.)

 Photos (left): probably Dorado
Photo (below): Cupi