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Some non-canvas vegan skate shoes from way out West (USA)

Let's say there are three categories of vegan skate shoes. One: shoes made by a vegan skate shoe company (there isn't one). Two: a vegan skate shoe model that is always vegan, no matter which colorway (like the "Servant Dagon" - which I recommend - or the "és Sesla", or as far as I know the "Vans AV Rapidweld Pro Lite"). Three: a skate shoe that usually is NOT vegan, but in one particular colorway, or several colorways (released at some point in time) it is/they are vegan. Category number three fills vegans with fear. And yes, these shoes aren't manufactured way out West from a European point of view, but in China or other East Asian countries, possibly.
és Sesla Black Grey Red

és Sesla Black White Gum

és Sesla Navy

és Sesla Warm Grey

és Sesla White Black