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Leah Leneman

If you want to be a good vegan, Leah Leneman's name is one of the names you should know. Leah Leneman, who I had thought was Scottish, was actually originally from the US. She was one of the original vegan serial cookbook authors in the time before fancy schmantzy vegan cookbooks were on every corner. She (to me) was (and still is) one of those things you (i.e. I) just have to love about England - when, well, in fact she was an American who lived in and loved Scotland. 

Welches B12-Präparat soll ich nehmen?

(von Jack Norris) (English original)

Welches B12-Präparat sollte ich nehmen?
Antwort: Mir wird diese Frage sehr häufig gestellt, also habe ich mich jetzt endlich dazu entschlossen eine kurze Zusammenfassung zu posten, auf die ich Interessierte hinweisen kann.