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El Argentino im Netto

Germany is one of the easiest places to find vegan food. Let me repeat: It is very easy to find vegan food in Germany, and Germany has some of the best vegan food anywhere. "Normal" restaurant menus are still lacking (slowly improving), so supermarkets are often the best place to shop for vegan food.
We found these in a small Netto* supermarket in a tiny German village. (*There are apparently two different supermarket chains in Germany both named "Netto". This is the one with the red and yellow logo.)
vegane Funde im Netto (der rot-gelbe Netto)
Alemania es uno de los lugares donde se puede encontrar comida vegana más fácilmente. Los restaurantes comunes y corrientes todavía no ofrecen muchas opciones veganas. Pero casi todos los supermercados tienen una buena oferta de productos veganos.

vegan dark chocolate Santa Claus (Netto own brand)
veganer Zartbitterschokoladenweihnachtsmann
Viejito Pascuero (Santa Claus) de chocolate vegano

dark chocolate and coffee spread (als…

Better late German Christmas cookies

Traditional vegan homemade German Christmas cookies
vegane Weihnachtsplätzchen
galletas navideñas alemanas tradicionales veganas


Spitzbuben (Terrassenplätzchen):




Chloe Coscarelli Choloate Chip Cookies (not German!):
Estas galletas no son alemanas.