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Daniel Gun (??!)

vegan straight edge rap from the favelas of Celle, Germany (homophobic, sexist, surreal in a bad way)
Vegan-Ghetto-Rap aus Celle (Straight-Edge hat die seltsamsten Früchte getragen.)
¿Los flaites no existen en Alemania? Rap vegan straight edge "del barrio".

Some ideas might be a little poisonous.
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We're not in this alone, Progression Through Unlearning, Until the end and Some ideas are poisonous.die Jugend von heute
¡Ahora con más tatuajes!

If this guy can be vegan, you can, too. If you need tips for going vegan, have a look at Vegan Outreach's Starter Guide, Erik Marcus' Ultimate Vegan Guide and Collen Patrick-Goudreau's Vegan's Daily Companion and her podcast Vegetarian Food For Thought. For all answer's to vegan nutrition questions see Jack Norris' Actually this guy is making a point: Veganism is not just for a small group of people with certain political views. For ideas on e…

Veganismus im "Ostalbjugendkalender"

2 pages with vegan info in a regional youth club calendar (2000 printed)
2 Seiten im Ostalbjugendkalender - Auflage 2000 Stck.
2 páginas acerca del veganismo en esta agenda de un centro juvenil en Alemania (tirada de 2000)

Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich, einer der ausgeschiedenen Kandidaten der Demokraten für die Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA.