New vegan foot toys: Emerica Temple and Wino G6 colourways

Two new VEGAN and not-just-canvas skate shoes by Emerica:


TEMPLE "Black / black / black"

The Temple is a classic court inspired model with extra durable features making it a pure skate shoe.

  • Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
  • G6 Foam Insoles
  • Reinforced Ollie Guard
  • Reinforced Rubber Toe
  • Undersewn Quarter Triangle Logo
  • Desert Grip Tread Outsole
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic Suede

This "Temple" shoe - and you may be forgiven if you were to be reminded of a certain Temple-ton - wouldn't look out of place in the very early 1990s either. I hope that Emerica is using the same good quality microfibre suede that Etnies are using (given that Emerica = Etnies = éS). However, the material of the little ollie patch looks ominous. Is that a piece of recycled Fallen shoe? What I'm wondering is also why Emerica is putting those ollie patches all over the place. And nowadays people do kickflips and tre flips, right? The Temple's ollie patch looks way better than the Wino Standard's ollie patch. An all-black shoe is really something that can accommodate anybody. For some reason I'm thinking of Kurt Cobain wearing this to a Mudhoney show - I don't know why (probably dementia). So, thanks Emerica, for making this vegan. This one may be an undercover Toy Machine collab. See above -->

Finally a VEGAN Toy Machine x Emerica collab. Nice to see the mid-90s six-eyed alien monster back too. This is definitely a 2022 and not a 90s shoe though. See below -->



The Wino G6 Slip-On builds upon the Wino G6, infusing it with a G6 PU Insole for first-rate cushioning, Double Wrapped Vulc Construction for more board feel, and Emerica’s Fit Heel Anchor System. Provost and Dickson backed and approved.

  • Vulc Construction
  • G6 Foam Insole For Ultimate Comfort
  • Double Wrapped Foxing
  • Perforated Lycra Internal Fit System
  • One Piece Vamp
  • Desert Grip Tread Outsole
  • Toy Machine Collaboration
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic Suede

Note that the other "Emerica x Toy Machine" collab shoes are NOT vegan but are made with real suede made from animals.