New vegan foot toys: Emerica Temple and Wino G6 colourways

Updated 2 April 2023

Some new VEGAN and not-just-canvas skate shoes by Emerica:

TEMPLE "Black / black / black"

Says the Emerica website: "The Temple is a classic court inspired model with extra durable features making it a pure skate shoe.

  • Double Wrapped Vulcanized Construction
  • G6 Foam Insoles
  • Reinforced Ollie Guard
  • Reinforced Rubber Toe
  • Undersewn Quarter Triangle Logo
  • Desert Grip Tread Outsole
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic Suede"

This is a the shoe having been put to the test.

This "Temple" shoe - and you may be forgiven if you were to be reminded of a certain Temple-ton - wouldn't look out of place in the very early 1990s either. I hope that Emerica is using the same good quality microfibre suede that Etnies are using (given that Emerica = Etnies = éS). However, the material of the little ollie patch looks ominous. Is that a piece of recycled Fallen shoe? [Update: The upper of the ollie patch is all made from a slightly  different material.] What I'm wondering is also why Emerica is putting those ollie patches all over the place. And nowadays [i.e. for more than 30 years] people do [a lot of] kickflips and tre flips, right? The Temple's ollie patch looks way better than the Wino Standard's ollie patch. An all-black shoe is really something that can accommodate anybody. For some reason I'm thinking of Kurt Cobain wearing this to a Mudhoney show - I don't know why (probably dementia). So, thanks Emerica, for making this vegan. This one may be an undercover Toy Machine collab. See below -->


Finally a VEGAN Toy Machine x Emerica collab (all the other Emerica x Toy Machine shoes I've seen are NOT vegan). Nice to see the mid-90s six-eyed alien monster back too. This is definitely a 2022 and not a 90s shoe though. See below -->


Says the Emerica website: "The Wino G6 Slip-On builds upon the Wino G6, infusing it with a G6 PU Insole for first-rate cushioning, Double Wrapped Vulc Construction for more board feel, and Emerica’s Fit Heel Anchor System. Provost and Dickson backed and approved.

  • Vulc Construction
  • G6 Foam Insole For Ultimate Comfort
  • Double Wrapped Foxing
  • Perforated Lycra Internal Fit System
  • One Piece Vamp
  • Desert Grip Tread Outsole
  • Toy Machine Collaboration
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic Suede"

Note that the other "Emerica x Toy Machine" collab shoes are NOT vegan but are made with real suede made from animals.
Update (February 2023): I have these shoes. I find the insoles quite thick (I personally prefer really thin ones for skating - or no insoles at all). I was afraid these would slip off my feet, but they don't, i.e. they are well designed in that way. They only feel a tiny bit lose when I walk down stairs, but that isn't really an issue. I wouldn't expect these shoes to slip off my feet in any way when skating - but I haven't skated them yet. These shoes are also much sturdier than I had expected and they are not very lightweight (but this isn't a problem). 
Update (April 2023): I really cannot recommend these slip-ons for skating. At least for me they don't work. Contrary to what I thought, they feel really loose on my feet. With the original thick insoles they feel OK but my heel tends to slip out sometimes and - as I said above - I don't like thick insoles. With thinner insoles (I have some FP 3 mm insoles) my foot just slips in every direction like I'm wearing rubber (Wellington) boots. These shoes might work for you if you (1) like thick insoles and (2) buy them in a size that feels really snug, like go 1/2 a size (or a full size?) down. The soles are really grippy and flexible.

These ones are vegan too:

Emerica WINO G6 SLIP-ON black black gum

See comments regarding the Emerica slips-ons above.

Emerica WINO G6 SLIP-ON black [It's only called "black".]

From the Emerica website: "

In addition, there are some vegan "Wino G6 Slip-on" colourways that have an all-canvas upper.

Etnies also has some vegan suede slip-ons.

Emerica has more vegan suede skate shoes: (some colourways of the) "Quentin" and "Dickson"