Evidence-based books on vegan child nutrition (various languages)

Here's a collection of evidence-based books on the topic of vegan child nutrition. These books were written by experts in vegetarian/vegan nutrition with a background in nutrition science, and they were written for the general public or at least the vegan general public.

Languages are listed alphabetically (English terms). If you know of other books in other languages, please let me know.


Feeding Your Vegan Child (2021) by Sandra Hood [... Also, you can read an interview I did with Sandra Hood back in 2011 here.] 🍉🍓🌽 


Vegaanin ravitsemus [Vegan Nutrition] by Johanna Kaipiainen

Also ... information available online: 

Info by the Finnish Vegan Association (Vegaaniliitto)
Info by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Finland; starting on page 98)
Info by the Finnish Food Authority



Il piatto veg junior. La nuova dieta vegetariana in età pediatrica by Luciana Baroni and Ilaria Fasan 


If there are others you know of, please let me know!