Cover of SPIN, September 1998

There were three different covers with one of the Beastie Boys on each.
This is from the Hello Nasty era. Was Ad Rock a vegetarian?

Food related Beastie Boys quotes: [uncompleted]

From "To The Five Boroughs" (2004):

Ad-Rock (Oh Word?): "[...] While I'm politickin' at Murray's Cheese Shop [...]"
Apparently Murray's is New York’s oldest cheese shop (est. 1940). It’s located on Bleecker Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. What's "more intersting" (even more) is that Murray's owner's wife is Nina Planck, an ex-vegan and famous for writing gut wrenchingly clueless anti-vegan articles for the New York Times(1)(2).  

Ad-Rock (Shazam!): "I sneak a chicken tikka masala at a gala event. I represent. That's stupid, that's for sure. You be like, 'Oh yeah Adam, real mature'."
From "Hello Nasty" (1998):  
Mike D (Super Disco Breakin’): “[…] when I’m in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken.”

Ad Rock (The Move): “[…] I’m intercontinental when I eat French toast.”

Ad Rock (Intergalactic): “[…] I like my sugar with coffee and cream.”

Mike D (Putting Shame In Your Game); “We’re all connected like a Lego set, one equaling one together like a croquette.”

Mike D (Three MC’s And One DJ): “[…] fresh like a box of Krispy Kremes.”

MCA (Three MC’s And One DJ): “Order in vegetarian shark’s fin” Mike D: “Try to keep my life non violent.”

Mike D (Unite): “Now rhymes are montaquilla [!] on a track by us […]”

From "Aglio E Olio" (1995):

Mike D (I can't think straight): "Ride a bike, drive a car, vegan pie, cut a fart"

(1) "Rob splits his time between New York’s Soho neighborhood and an eighteenth century farm in Stockton, New Jersey with his wife,Nina Planck, the country’s leading expert on farmer’s markets and real food, and their three children." ( 
(2) "Nina lives in Greenwich Village and Stockton, New Jersey with cheesemonger Rob Kaufelt, owner of Murray’s Cheese" (