Vegetarianism in skateboarding - Part II

Updated 10 June 2018
The previous years - 1978 to 2015 - can be found here.

"Vegetarianism in skateboarding" attempts to document anything vegan/vegetarian/animal rights/anti-or pro-meat/dairy/leather/hunting related from the skateboard scene with a heavy emphasis on the very visible US-American skate industry, especially skateboard graphics, skateboard company ads, vegan skate shoes, skateboard pros that are/were vegans or vegetarians, open anti-vegetarian statements, etc.

If you have any other graphics that fit this framework, please do send them. 

In a pro hunting video published on Youtube in 2016 - Pro skateboarder Geoff Rowley turned hunter (published by goHUNT) - Geoff Rowley describes how he had followed a meat and dairy free lifestyle for many years, and that after many skateboard injuries, at an age of about 27 or 28 years old (this would have been around 2003/2004 - and I suspect his memory is wrong and that this was later, around 2007 maybe) and he "wasn't recovering from slams". He reports that after he started to eat fish he felt, within two or three weeks, that his muscles were "moving better" and "recovering better from fatigue" and that he "was able to retain my muscle mass". Then he also started eating red meat again, and then white meat. And now the more he eats - he stresses "game meat and fish, fresh fish" - "the better I feel". He has since become a passionate hunter and he reports that this outdoor activity has made him feel great. "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I skate better than I've ever skated. I feel like I learn stuff, and I feel strong." He also describes that whenever he is out hunting "I just get so much from it."
File this under #youngmillionaireshobbies or maybe #lackofsciencebasedvegannutritioneducation
For info on vegan nutrition information, see here. Eating enough calories and protein is important for muscle and bone recovery, maintenance and building. Getting enough omega-3s is important for their anti-inflammatory effects (among other things), and avoiding micronutrient deficiencies - first of all vitamin B12 - is important for all vegans, too, of course. 
For a post on Rowley's earlier hunting adventures see here.

Interesting to see these two graphics come out on Alien Workshop.

Alien Workshop

                                                   Alien Workshop Piggy 

Seems like this graphic already came out in 2015, and was desgined by a chap named Philip Valois - check out his website. 
Says Monsieur Valois (I emailed hime and asked): "The Piggy graphic was a comment on American’s obsession with bacon and bacon laden products. Partly making fun of the fad (like bacon flavored toothpaste) and also a jab at the meat industry in general. The green grass in the field is the USDA logo."

In the International Year of Pulses: a legume themed graphic
Baker Boyardee

    Baker Dustin Dollin

An unfortunate choice of graphics in a Chocolate series called "Tradiciones" depicting typically Latin American traditions.
Chocolate Vincent Alvarez (who judging by his Nine Club interview nevertheless seems like the coolest dude ever)

Darkstar Cameo Wilson
Male sexual fantasies of dominance mixed with hunting and violence against women fantasies 
Something like "Hostel"

JART Totally Vegan
Jart have never really demonstrated great style. With this graphic I'm not sure about the style but the thought process behind it evades me. A vagina, a carrot, Bugs Bunny and the word "vegan" was a good starting point, but then ... ?!?
Real Donald Trump eating colon tacos.

Hillary Clinton swinging blue eyed white kittens.
Interesting that she seems to be portrayed as more demonic than him.

Warriors Skateboards (from Switzerland) Frankenstein's monster - who was, like the author of the book, a vegetarian

 Zero Jamie Thomas Alter Ego
A good looking gorilla on a death themed Christian ex-vegan man's skateboard - not really vegan themed

Organika Karl Watson
Food themed, pretzel themed, ex-vegan-themed, I think

Santa Cruz Tom Asta ("Lucky shot")
Santa Cruz displaying which side of the political spectrum they seem to inhabit.

In 2015 Mike Vallely decided to become vegan again (I don't think he "came out" with that until around 2016) - together with the the rest of his family. They've reissued the "Please Don't Eat My Friends - Animal Farm (aka Barnyard)" graphic on their company Street Plant. They've started a vegan T-shirt company called "Please don't eat my friends". And the Vallely women (Mike V's wife Emily Vallely and their two daughters) have a vegan blog called The Vintage Vegans.
And Bigfoot - co-owner of I-Path and a vegan, too - has been doing some graphics for Street Plant.

From the Please Don't Eat My Friends Facebook page:
"The artist Bigfoot One, became a Vegetarian and later a Vegan inspired by Mike Vallely's Barnyard Skateboard in 1989. In 1994 he began writing “Bigfoot” and his art has always depicted the conflict between respect for nature and the destructive agenda of humans. A frequent traveler to Japan, in 2013 he used a card with the words featured on this T-Shirt in Japanese to help communicate his dietary restrictions while visiting Japan. Later, he made this collage as a social media image and then did a small run of T-Shirts. It quickly became Mike’s favorite T-Shirt to wear (as he is a huge fan of Bigfoot’s art) and he felt strongly about it being a part of our first line of T-Shirts. It’s a true honor for us to work with Bigfoot."

From the Mike Vallely Facebook page:
"Besides his work for Street Plant, Bigfoot has also contributed Art to our Vegan T-Shirt Company Please Don't Eat My Friends.
The Art on this shirt (modeled by the beautiful and inspirational Emily Vallely) comes from a design that Bigfoot One created and previously issued on T-Shirts of his own. When I saw the shirts that Bigfoot made I immediately bought one — I couldn’t NOT buy one — My favorite Artist with a Vegan Message shirt — Too good!

The Art for this shirt comes from a card with the words featured on this T-Shirt in Japanese to help communicate Bigfoot’s dietary restrictions while traveling in Japan. He later made this collage as a social media image before doing a small T-Shirt run. The idea here is that these words are intended to interact kindly with people while traveling who may have no previous understanding of the Vegan Lifestyle, such as waitresses and cooks:
“I’m vegan. I can’t eat meat, poultry or fish including dashi, eggs or dairy. Thank you for your understanding.”
I have first hand seen Bigfoot share these words at an Indian Restaurant in Japan to at first have them tell us that there is nothing on their menu that we could eat. Then seeing our disappointment and appreciating the politeness of these words, the cook agreed to make something special for our party that was inline with the dietary restrictions communicated. It was a really cool and meaningful moment, the kind we should be having everywhere we go.
We are truly Soul-Satisfied to use this great Art and to share it as part of the first offering from Please Don’t Eat My Friends. Thank You Bigfoot!"

From the Mike Vallely Facebook page:
"In early 1987, I saw a television program about the plight of African Elephants, it awoke a sensitivity in me that a working class life in a small town had all but stamped out. I was sixteen years old, but it was as if I was seeing the world with new eyes. How could people kill Elephants for their tusks and how could people be at odds with Elephants over land use? I didn’t understand how the world could stand by and let any of this happen. I was saddened and angered by what I saw and learned, and the disgust that I felt was the catalyst for my journey into the idea of Animal Rights. I decided right then in that moment that I wanted to put an African Elephant on what would be my first Pro Model Skateboard and later that year I became a Vegetarian.
When I released the Barnyard Board in 1989, I had been a Vegetarian for well over a year and I had taken a lot of abuse for it along the way. Everyone around me thought that it was unnatural to not eat animals, that I was going through some teenage phase and that I’d grow out of it. Others were harsher, questioning my manliness and sanity. People were always trying to give me or make me eat meat. They didn’t understand that all that I saw in their hamburgers and hotdogs was the death of an innocent animal who was entitled to the possession of its own life and happiness. People scoffed at me. They told me to grow up. They wrote me off. I may have made a name for myself in skateboarding but my personal life had become increasingly isolated and I was without any kind of support system for my feelings and beliefs, other than my girlfriend (now wife) Ann, I didn’t know any other Vegetarians. But the Barnyard, with its Vegetarian Message of “Please Don’t Eat My Friends”, changed all of that. While it further enraged some people, for many others it was their introduction to the idea of Animal Rights and before I knew it, several of my friends had become Vegetarians and as I traveled around the world from skate shop to skate shop and from health food restaurant to health food restaurant, I would meet kids who were skating that board and who would tell me their lives had been changed by its message. This made me very happy.
After being a Vegan and Vegetarian throughout the 90’s, somewhere in 1999 I lost my way. There’s no excuse or valid reason at all for any of it, believe me, I made up plenty of excuses, all of them completely repulsive to me now. I somehow had buried that sensitivity in myself deep down beneath layers of self-loathing and self-denial and tried to live a lie. I had become my own suppressor. Then in 2014 while walking through Louisville, Kentucky, I accidentally came upon a Pig Processing Plant just outside of town. As I was walking along the retaining wall outside of the plant I heard screams of sheer terror As a meat eater, these screams may have been easy to dismiss if they all sounded the same, but they didn’t. I heard distinct individual voices screaming out in fear, and it was these screams that re-awoken a part of myself I had long subdued. As I came around the corner and I saw the pigs being corralled towards their death, screaming for their lives, my journey into Animal Right began again.
In 2015, my wife Ann and our daughters Emily and Lucy all became Vegans. Shortly after, the girls started their own Vegan Cooking Blog, The Vintage Vegans, and as a family we have grown closer and more focused and we have never been happier or healthier in our lives. And in this spirit and our desire to share the Vegan Lifestyle with people all around the world, “Please Don’t Eat My Friends” is born.
-- Mike Vallely"

és Sesla
All three colorways vegan. I don't think there are/were any non-vegan colorways.

Vans AV Rapidweld Pro LITE (exactly that name, including the "LITE")

Anti Hero series by Todd Francis

Element "End the Hunt" (endangered species) series by Todd Francis

"Six Pack" by Todd Francis

Anti Hero John Cardiel

Evan Smith is also rumoured to be vegan even though his shoe on DC is made with leather except for the canvas ("TX") versions (as of May 2018 all are still made with an all suede upper except for the canvas versions). As already reported on Vegan Skate Blog this topic was a addressed in a Thrasher interview:
"What goes through your head when thinking about your own shoe?
I’m just stoked that I have a shoe. Having the opportunity to sell something that you like with your name on it is humongous, you know what I mean? Obviously with DC’s technical support and my idea for sort of a classic hightop mixed with a boat shoe type of thing, we’ve combined some really cool technology with some really relaxed features. Those were the things that were going through my head, like, “How can I like make a comfy shoe that lasts a long time that skates great?” You know what I mean? It’s, like, I want kids to be stoked on skating, regardless. If I can add to that in any way this is an opportunity for me. I was all, “Yeah, let’s make a shoe!” I already had a hundred ideas ready to go. Let’s just say I had a couple ideas because my brain works way too quick when it comes to creating. So I’m lucky. That’s how I feel at this moment. That’s how I feel at this exact moment—I feel extremely lucky to be able to contribute to our skateboarding industry.

I understand that you had a little bit of a crisis of conscience thinking about all the leather that was going to be used for you shoe. What were you tripping on?
Yeah, this is a great fucking question. Actually, originally I declined using Super Suede completely on my shoe just due to the fact that animal hides are being used and because of the leather trade. They manufacture out of China, but the treated leather comes from Southeast Asia or India. So I was over it. I didn’t want the idea of hide on my shoe even though it’s the best and it lasts longest. It freaked me out completely. And then, through all the ups and downs as far as durability testing, I couldn’t find anything else that would work. And I’m still searching right now. So if I do revise the model at all in the future, I’m gonna continue to research with the goal of making it completely suede free. But I ended up, unfortunately, using bits of suede for the toe and we came up with this rubber-backed canvas, which is my secondary material, so any spot that doesn’t have to be suede for durability, we can use the canvas and it’s rubber backed so it’s not just gonna rip right away. It lasts at least four times as long as canvas normally lasts. You know canvas, how easy it is to rip. So with that trade off and all that stuff it’s, like, really, really hard. I don’t want to support the slaughtering of any animal for anything that has to do with anything like that. I’m not interested in being one to benefit off the slaughtering of animals. I think it’s complete bullshit and garbage. I mean, I’m pretty bummed on myself for even using suede in the first place. I am. I’m actually bummed on myself and everyone who’s reading this should be super bummed on me for using suede. And you should put that in the fuckin’ interview.
How would it feel to see Danny Way in a pair of your shoes?
Dude, I would be stoked. I would love to see him fuckin’ triple flip indy 900 over the mini gap and then into a double flip front blunt on a soccer goal to take out Bob Burnquist in the new Evan Smiths. I would be so stoked.
That’s awesome. Your great revelation was that you should hang with your bros. That’s really nice. For some reason I thought you’re supposed to get out there and half starve and get loopy and see a spirit animal or something or have some sort of extra-sensory experience.
Well, there’s definitely the kind of quest where people go fasting for 12 days straight in the woods. That’s a dehydration visual, what you’re talking about. At the moment I just wanted to make a fire by myself and catch a fish and cook it, you know, that was my goal.
Did you catch the fish?
No, I didn’t. Well, I didn’t have anything to catch it with so I was trying to find a snare trap. You hook a piece of twine to a tree and you put bait on this thing and you can catch fish out of the water by doing it with these traps, but I’m not as skilled as I would like to be, especially in that moment. And it was a huge lake so I couldn’t spear anything. So I settled for raw pine nuts from pine cones which you can find all over King’s Canyon. So I harvested a pile of those and I just ate those for dinner."

Etnies is coming out with a new vegan shoe for vegan skater Ryan Lay: the Jameson HT.

  See the post on the Thrasher website, and on the Ripped Laces website.

Ryan Lay

éS Sesla DGK (éS x Dirty Ghetto Kids collaboration), vegan

éS Accel Slim Everstitch, vegan

éS Swift Everstitch black, vegan

éS Swift Everstitch blue, vegan

Blind Kevin Romar Tirbute Chicken R7 board grahic - this graphic is quite clever in two ways, but you might not understand the historical significance (despite the terrible message of eating chicken) of this graphic. Check out the World Industries' anti-vegetarian Jason Lee burger graphic from 1991 and Lee Pheidias's 1993 pro-vegetarian burger ad by Blind here.

In a Feedback NY article that seems to be from 2017 Kenny Anderson says that he's been vegan for around "almost three years" which would be from around 2014. He also mentions that Brian Lotti was/is a vegetarian.  
In 2017 Converse also came out with a limited edition vegan all canvas and animal-free glue (and organic cotton laces) Kenny Anderson Converse and Chocolate collaboration shoe named Coverse x Chocolate CTAS. Note that only the "x Chocolate" models are vegan and that other "Converse CTAS" are made with leather.
In a Villager commercial video/interview published by The Berrics on youtube Kenny Anderson says: "Digging deeper and deeper into environmentalism lead me straight to veganism. [...] Whether we like it or not we are role models. [...] I chose to have a vegan diet. I chose to grow my own food. I chose to design more sustainably."

In an interview with Tyshawn Jones on the website New York Skateboarding (from 6 September 2017), Tyshaw mentions considering vegan-ish eating. From the interview:
"I don’t know if you’ve seen Neen Williams’ video about staying sober and healthy to extend his time skating on a high level at his age of 31. What do you foresee in the years to come for your own career? Do you stretch and take the athlete mentality towards skateboarding?
Hell yeah I’m on that shit. Epsom salt, Ice… I just ordered a gun that’s like $600 but I’m not gonna give y’all my secrets cuz y’all gonna wonder how I’m doing this shit…nah I’m just playing [laughs]. I get chirotherapy, massages. I don’t really drink a lot of soda. I was gonna try to go vegan but I don’t know…chicken, steak all that shit’s too good. I feel like I’m from the south or something, I don’t know why I like chicken and macaroni and all these crazy things. I don’t necessarily think that’s the only way to stay young but…I just say drink a lot of water, stretch, eat fruits. You know, play both sides."

The Spanish skate company Jart has come out with a board graphic that, for a change, is quite smart, though not intentionally.

hemp seed grapic
Beautifully Almost have produced two (or more?) amazing graphics drawn by - unless I'm mistaken - 90s skate pro and legend Brian Lotti 

Skate Mental with a particularly orange, meat-based graphic

Ed Templeton has a new (and vegan) shoe on Emerica, not a skate shoe, but a waxed canvas desert boot - the Emerica Ed Templeton Reserve Vegan Desert Boot


And also the Emerica Ed Templeton Reserve Wino (vegan)

Deathwish Neen Teen-Ager board graphic

In the Alex Olson episode (episode 81; January 2018) of "The Nine Club with Chris Roberts" Alex Olson says that he is vegan and has been vegan for one and a half years.

In the Nyjah Huston episode (episode 86) of "The Nine Club with Chris Roberts" Nyjah Huston describes his current dietary pattern as "I don't eat red meat. I try to not eat too much cheese, no normal milk, I hate eggs [...] aside from not being vegan I am still a really healthy person".

A new website named Salad Grinds and Bean Plants is posting vegan recipes with skateboard industry/culture inspired names.

Neen Williams "You are what you eat"
If you look at Neen Williams' Instagram it seems that he isn't a vegetarian but does eat a lot of plant-based foods. And he confirms this in his Nine Club episode (episode 63; September 2017): "I eat everything." [a diet including meat] 

Neen Williams "Happy place" ... looks like a boiled egg there

I'm not sure if this Villager Atiba Jefferson commercial video is from 2018 but it's currently (June 2018) up on the Villager website. Below the video the first sentence is: "Atiba Jefferson has been a vegetarian for twenty six year [!] and has always been aware of products he consumes."
The video starts with Atiba saying: "I've been a vegetarian since I was fourteen. So that's twenty-six years of being a vegetarian. I'm a very health conscious person."

In a Villager commercial video about Miles Silvas he says: "Just randomly me and my girlfriend were like: Let's try to just be vegetarian and not eat meat for a little bit. Just blindly jumped into it. And if you blindly jump usually into anything, without little previous knowledge of it, it's not usually gonna last very long, so we did that [and they started eating meat again]. [...] [A] couple [of] months went by and I was on a trip. She sent me this documentary, and that's when I really got into it. Just the health reasons and all the stuff I didn't realize cause certain things to happen. That just kinda curbed my whole thought process on how I wanted to eat. I rather eat and feel good than eat have things happen to me in the long run or feel pretty bad, so you know ever since then - it's probably been about three years - I try to eat good so I can skate good. Since I've changed my diet I feel lighter and, like, have more energy and stuff like that. But when I get to go on a trip and say I get to cook or something or, like, make a vegan meal or vegetarian meal, like, 90% of people who don't eat like that, when they do eat it, then they're pretty psyched on it. That's like, that kind of changed them a little bit, to be more open to it. But, I think the hardest part is probably the first couple months, 'cause you gotta figure out what you're gonna eat, what is the right suff. [...]"
The Villager website states (below the video): "[...] In this short film, Miles discusses his vegan way of life and the upbringing that propelled him to achieving his goals." However, in the video there is no mention of Miles being a vegan. The above quote from the video rather suggests that he also eats non-vegan vegetarian food (pure speculation). However in the October 2014 issue of Thrasher (see here, under 2014) Miles says that he has been vegan for four months.
Anyway, if you have watched his Nine Club interview, you'll know he seems like the nicest and most gentlemanly dude ever. His signature shoe on adidas is animal suede.