When the Nike has come: Nyjah 2 is leather-free

Updated 25 July 2021

Summary: the name is "Nike SB Nyjah Free 2". The upper is rubber and mesh. The shoes are leather-free. Leather-free does not necessarily mean 100% or 1000% vegan. But investing too much time thinking about the space between 99% and 100% vegan does, as more brilliant minds before me have pointed out, seem like a big waste of time. Time we could make better use of by trying to learn backside noseblunt slides maybe. Reason for bringing this up: There are rumours that the rubber that Nike is using is not 100% vegan because it contains casein - Nike didn'r reply to me though when I asked to confirm this. So, I don't know whether this shoe is 100% vegan.

Update: The "Nyjah 2" seems to have the exact same outsole as the "Nyjah 1". That means it's quite a narrow shoe. And this makes sense for Nyjah because as he says: "I have a narrow foot." [1]. If you have very wide feet on the other hand (like me), then these shoes might really hurt your feet because they are so narrow - at least that was the case for me. And that's the main reason I personally will not buy the "Nyjah 2". I have asked several other people though who skated the "Nyjah 1" if they find it too narrow, and all of them said no. So these shoes might be perfectly fine for your feet. Also, there is a potentially important difference between the two shoes: The "Nyjah 1" doesn't have a loose tongue (i.e. it's like a sock liner), while the "Nyjah 2" does have a "normal" tongue. And Nyjah has explained that this is precisely because some people complained that the shoe (Nyjah 1) was too "tight", and (again according to Nyjah) the normal tongue is supposed to make the shoe more comfortable for people with wide feet. For me personally, I doubt this could make a difference because I find that the sole of the shoe is just way too narrow at the centre of the foot, and for me the "Nyjaj 1" hurts on both sides of the foot (arch and opposite). On the Nike website there are also many (!) comments that say that the "Nyjah 2" is much too narrow for wide/flat feet.

Says the Nike website:

The Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 is a sequel worthy of its predecessor. Inspired by the iconic Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, the original rubber design has been updated with mesh panels to help your feet stay cool through your hottest skate sessions.

Breathable Update
Original, 360-degree rubber upper has been updated with mesh panels for breathability where you need it most. The rubber and mesh are fused together for extra durability.

Durable Lacing
Ghillie loops hug your foot from bottom to top while their unique design helps your laces last longer. [If this works, definitely a very good idea. I'm not fussed as to why they call the lace loops "Ghillie" loops. Probably some millenial military fetish thing.]

Excellent Grip
Rubber outsole has deep grooves that expand and contract as your foot moves. It gives you a broken-in feel right out of the box. [If this is true, éS beware.]

From the Vault
Design details, from the ghillie loops to the placement of the mesh, was inspired by the 1997 Nike Spiridon. [irrelevant]

More Benefits
- Internal, 3/4-length sleeve creates a sock-like fit. [Does that mean the heel will slip out?]

Product Details
- Foam sockliner
- "II" is printed on heel pull tab
- "Nyjah" is printed on tongue pull tab
- Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)" 

Shown: Black/Metallic Silver/Black/Sport Red
Style: BV2078-002

Shown: Black/Black/Black/White
Style: BV2078-001

Shown: Summit White/Summit White/Summit White/Black
Style: BV2078-100

Shown: [Obsidian/White/Obsidian/Club Gold]
Style: BV2078-400


P.S.: If you don't know who this Nyjah is... You know Justin Bieber's friend. The kid who grew up as a (dietary) vegan (now a moderate carnivore). The guy who won the Olympics. I would really like to see Bieber and Nyjah become animal rights vegans, You know, do something with your fame. 

[1] The Nine Club: Nine Club Highlights, "The Nyjah 2" - Nyjah Talks Design & Testing, But How Does It Skate!??, 3 July 2020, at 21:39 min and 25:18 min, https://youtu.be/Vjlq8hkp93o?t=1299 (checked 25 July 2021)