Body mass index and cancer risk

Below you can see the associations observed in two large European cohort studies, i.e., "EPIC" and "UK Biobank".

"In these two large cohorts, higher BMI [body mass index] was associated with an increased risk of obesity-related cancer among European adults irrespective of their CMD [cardiometabolic disease] status. However, the joint exposure to overweight/obesity and CVD [cardiovascular disease] may be associated with a higher risk of overall and obesity-related cancer than the sum of the separate associations of the two exposures. These findings suggest that obesity prevention in population groups with CVD would lead to a greater reduction in cancer incidence as compared to the general population." Fontvieille et al. 2024

"BMI, per 1 SD increment, was positively associated with the risk of obesity-related cancers among participants without CMD (summary HR: 1.11, 95% CI: 1.07–1.16)" Fontvieille et al. 2024