Nike Nyjah 3 is leather-free

This shoes came out a while ago (~ November 2022) and I'm personally not a big fan of Nike ... and ... my feet are probably to wide for this, but most people aren't like me. And younger skaters especially might be more keen in skating what everybody wears, i.e., Nike or Adidas.

As far as I know all colourways of this shoe are vegan, i.e., leather-free. There are rumours about small amounts of animal products in the glue and/or the rubbery synthetic upper material. I personally do not find this very important. 

I do not know why Nyjah has been making all of his (three so far) Nike shoes vegan/leather-free. He grew up on a vegan diet, with a vegan (at least dietary) Rastafarian father, but he (Nyjah and the father too maybe) always wore leather shoes back when he was a vegan dreadlocked kid. Now, as a meat-eating millionaire with all kinds of decadent leather furniture in his mansion, his pro shoes are vegan/leather free. Nyjah may not eat red meat (cows, pigs, goats) and he may not drink milk (from cows) - he said so at one point but this may not be current information. Whatever the reason for the leather-free-ness of his pro shoes ... let's hope he will never discontinue that tradition.

Below are the pictures. You can find the shoe practically anywhere.

And here is a review of the shoe by Andrew Cannon (August 2023), long-time vegan and Santa Cruz team manager (as far as I know):

And here is a review of the shoe by David Bluetile (November 2022), long-time vegan and skate shop (USA) owner (his shop sells leather shoes - just so you know - but vegan shoes too, so if you live in the US, check out

Note: This shoe is probably quite narrow. For me, the Njyah 1 was too narrow and hurt my feet on both sides (but especially the outer [!] side) of the mid-foot.

Update 25 August 2023: Today I saw someone at the skate park wearing the Nyjah 3s, and I asked them how they like them. And that skater said he also had wide, flat feet, and that they feel a little narrow and that they hurt a little on the outer side of the mid-foot. So, flat and wide footers beware.

You can also check out the Nyjah 3 review by Tactics Boardshop (skate shop, USA). They say, the shoe is narrow and really durable, both the upper and the soles. And the flick is apparently good.

Nyjah Huston