Memories (1994)

Another poem from Benjamin Zephaniah's book "Talking Turkeys" (1994).


I recall a time
Not long ago
When sheep would roam around here,
If you were nice and friendly
You could get close to a deer,
Foxes, rabbits
Wild and free
We had so much potential,
But we did not live in harmony
And that was detrimental.
I take no blame
I did not do it
I was an innocent child,
My roots are very vegan
I like my animals wild,
I take no blame
I did not do it
I wrote to all the rulers,
I took a stand,
I loved the land
How I loved the Animal Kingdom.

I saw people training dogs
To make the doggies violent
Rulers of the land made dog
Buy a licence,
I saw furs of animals
Upon human backs
I saw furs of animals
Being used as mats,
It happened here, I saw it
I called it Human Madness
I saw friends disappear
Imagine all my sadness,
I shouted from all high places
Let us not do this crime,
Nobody listened to me
Nobody had the time.

Memories don’t leave like people do
I miss the kangaroo,
I recall great big trees,
I need these memories.

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