Where to buy the "Vegan Society VEG 1" supplement in the EU

Note: I haven't checked all the potential stockists. But here are some ...

Note: I am not associated with the Vegan Society or any of the shops linked below.


The Vegan Society Austria (Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich) have been selling VEG 1 for quite some time, and in my experience, they always have it in stock. You can email them to order the quantity you want. You can see the prices on their website. Postage costs is not that much.

Czech Republic

Puro Shop sells VEG 1.


The Fédération Végane in France also stock VEG 1. Official Vegan Shop in France also sell it.


The OG vegan shop Roots of Compassion (ROC) have VEG 1 is stock, often but not always, in my experience. Check their website here.


Veggie 4 U also currely stock it.


The vegan store Vegafit in Poland also sells VEG 1.


INOWIS also sell VEG 1.

Check the Vegan Society's list of stockists (may not be up to date)

The Vegan Society also lists all of their stockists in the EU here, under "Where can I buy VEG 1?". The problem with this list is that it's not up to date (as of 18 July 2023).

Apart from the Vegan Society Austria, they currently list vegan shops/stores in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (ROC is not currently listed), the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, and (not EU but European Economic Area) Norway.

The evolution of  the Vegan Society's VEG 1 (aka VEG1)
... unfortunately a quite incomplete series that I have here. But I think these are the three most recent embodiments of VEG 1. The one on the right has an indented bottom section unlike the one in the middle.