Vegan emerica shoes in 2023 (collection)

I'll be collecting the vegan colorways by Emerica shoes for 2023 here in this post.

After Leo Romero's new Emerica video (video not video part), "SKATER" (and the accompanying "The way we move"), many a non-animal-killing skater may be inclined to buy a Leo Romero deck or ... shoe ... and Emerica has just come out with a vegan suede Leo shoe. The "Laced" is a very plain shoe. A while ago, I had a pair of blue "Laced" with an all-canvas upper and, surprisingly, loved them. 

ROMERO LACED grey black yellow

Says the Emerica website: 

"Designed, tested, and 100% skateboarding approved by Emerica pro Leo Romero, this updated version of the Emerica classic Laced features a low profile cupsole for increased boardfeel, Emerica Triangle Tread pattern with high-density rubber heel drag pod for maximum grip and durability, and a tongue stabilizing wing for a snug fit if you decide to grind up a rail. Boo-yeah!

  • One-Piece Toe Cap
  • Tongue Stabilizing “Wings”
  • Triangle Tread
  • Low Profile Cup Sole Construction
  • Synthetic Suede/Canvas
  • Vegan"
I love that these have canvas in the midsection.