Sleaford Mods and veganism

I don't really know anything about Sleaford Mods, or whether it should be "the" Sleaford Mods (as in "the" Beastie Boys) but they are funny - in both ways and in both of these in a good way ... and there is some connection to veganism.

Once upon a time I listened to a Sleaford Mods live performance on my laptop, probably while cooking, and I misheard them say "every store's a vegan place" ... which I thought was a typically British (if you don't mind) lament of the good old days being over.

But actually, the lyrics (of the song "Into the Payzone", from the album "Eton Live", 2019) seem to say something entirely different:

"[...] Burberry stores and beacon plates

Sour cream on gluten base [...]". Whatever beacon plates are. They seem to be SOMEthing. 

So, they don't seem to have any sort of vegan-related lyric at all, as of yet. But it turns out that Andrew Fearn (the computer guy and one half of Sleaford Mods) - the singer is called Jason Williamson (does it sound posh?) - appears to be vegan. Andrew, not Jason.

And after all, maybe that "beacon plates" isn't really what he (Jason) was saying - see 2019 (below).


In 2018, someone on Twitter posted:
"[...] please tell me you havent gone vegan", and Sleaford Mods replied "[...] Nah not vegan." (see picture below). I'm assuming that the one replying as "Sleaford Mods" was the singer, Jason. That was in 2018 (14 October 2018).


Turns out, it isn't "beacon plates" but, apparently and even if it doesn't REALLY sound like it, "vegan plates".
In a Tweet from 15 February 2019, Sleaford Mods wrote this:
"Track 1: Into The Payzone

We ain't hipster bashing fakes
Lumps on legs and smack tans quake
Against the church and it's all hate [it should be: "and all its hate"]
Burberry stores and vegan plates

The website "Brighton's Finest" (from Brighton, England) commented: 

"Although they claim not to be: “hipster bashing fakes”, ‘Into the Payzone’ is about: “Higher wage bracket consumerism”, where: “Burberry stores and vegan plates” co-exist, but only to be afforded by those higher up the scale." (2019, no exact date)


In an interview with Jason from Sleaford Mods (Quietus, 12 May 2020), Jason is baking a gluten-free cake - he says: "My wife's got coeliac disease so we are gluten-free in the house" - and the cake is clearly non-vegan (butter, eggs, etc.). But Jason says: 

"No, I've never baked anything for Andrew [Fearn]. Andrew's really fussy. He's vegan as well so he likes what he likes. I could probably do him a vegan cake. He might like that. That's a good idea, actually. When this all ends, when it does end, I might invite him over for a couple of days. I might cook him a vegan cake. How about that?"


An interview with Jason by a radio station from Switzerland (the interview's in German; SRF, 15 January 2021) also mentions that "Andrew Fearn cooks vegan." But there is no further information on the topic.