Vegan éS skate shoes (2023 collection)

Updated 14 March 2023

I've decided to collect all the vegan colourways by éS in this post. This way it will be easier for everyone to get a quick and simple overview of what's available. Of course, you can also just check the éS website ... BUT (1) sometimes there ARE mistakes on the éS website and they might list a non-vegan shoe as "vegan" (scroll to the very end of this post to see three examples of non-vegan shoes categorized into the "vegan capsule" on the éS website) ... and (2) the shoes available on the éS website come and go, while you will still be able to get many of the older vegan styles on eBay or elsewhere on the internet (or in the real world even).

So, less talk more rock. Below are the vegan éS shoes for the year 2023:



With this shoe, it's great that part of the microfibre (durable vegan suede) they use is recycle - hence the "eco" in the name. But the microfibre isn't in the toe cap area, where (I think) it should be and would be needed, as the "ever stitch" material isn't really very durable and the little rubber ("thermothane") low toe cap ollie protection thing isn't amazingly durable either. However, this is a great shoe for skating. I've skated several pairs of this (other vegan colourways) and they were great - as can be expected with éS shoes.

From the éS website: "As one of the most demanded éS shoes, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch progresses quality, function and style to new realms. With a 360? [!] wrap around the ankle, the Velcro strap provides a snug fit and stability that will increase the confidence in your riding. The lightweight and breathable STI Everstitch upper is reinforced with a Thermothane toe piece for durability.
  • Inspired by the Accel Plus
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • 55% Recycled microfiber
  • 100% Biodegradable lyocel fabic [lyocel is a semi-synthetic fibre]
  • 100% Recycled pu nubuck [in the heel section; this isn't microfibre but cheap plastic "nubuck"]
  • 100% Recycled ever sttich [!] yarns
  • 50% Recycled tpu hot melt panels
  • 55% Recycled reinforcement materials
  • 92% Recycled laces
  • 20% Reground outsole rubber
  • Zero water waste eva sourcing
  • All eco materials scope, lwg and tuv rheinland certified
  • Synthetic [they don't say vegan here, but this shoe is vegan]
  • Sustainability Collection


It doesn't say that this shoe is vegan. But it is. The upper is vegan (microfibre, i.e. durable) suede.

From the éS website: The éS QUATTRO debuted in 1998, the same year Google was founded. Both were revolutionary in the their respective worlds. The QUATTRO sold out so fast, we believe if it wasn’t for this shoe, the search engine – Google, wouldn’t be as popular as it is today. Ronnie Creager & Rick McCrank were both fans of the éS QUATTRO thanks to its supreme comfort, boardfeel and its stunning appearance - the best option before Tinder! Want to get laid, paid and get an upgrade… the NEW updated éS QUATTRO is for you! 
  • Double Cup Outsole
  • Molded Eyelet
  • TPR Heel Panel
  • Reflective Accents
  • Premium Materials
  • Breathable Mesh Inner Lining
  • 90’s Inspired molded tongue label
  • Molded STI Energy Foam midsole

ACCEL SLIM white navy

Again, it doesn't say that it is vegan, but the upper is microfibre suede, that is, it's vegan and durable.

From the éS website: "The Accel Slim has rapidly become the most requested shoe for the new generation of skaters. As a refined version of the Accel OG, it is a perfect all around shoe with excellent boardfeel, durability and comfort. Try some and take your skating to the next level.
  • Turned blind toe seam for added durability
  • Lycra spandex tongue straps
  • Minimal tongue and collar padding
  • Breathable tongue mesh
  • 400 nbs rubber cupsole
  • Molded sti eneryg foam midsole
After four sessions:
After seven sessions (all with old griptape):
After about ten sessions:

Swift 1.5 black white royal

This is what the éS website says for this shoe:
"The NEW SWIFT 1.5 is Inspired by our rich 90’s tech heritage and is fully loaded with function and style. The iconic silicone éS “Accent” on the ollie area connects deeply with a whole generation of skateboarders that understand the éS story of innovation, progression and style. The Swift 1.5 will continue the éS legacy of taking skateboarding to new, unknown levels.
  • Inspired by éS heritage
  • Hidden lace loops
  • Thermothane toe cap
  • Silicone embossed accent for added durability and lace protection
  • Lycra spandex tongue stabilizers
  • STI molded Energy Foam footbed
  • Embroidered éS quarter logo
  • Mesh quarter panel and tongue for breathability
  • Synthetic Suede
  • Vegan
But to me, from the photos the material in the heel section looks slightly rougher (more like animal-source suede) than the material in the front section of the shoe which looks smoother (like synthetic suede). So, better double-check with this shoe before buying.

The following shoes are currently (January 2023 and still as of 8 February 2023) inside the "vegan capsule" on the éS website. But they are NOT vegan.



From the éS website: "[...] Recycled suede [...]". That means these are made from recycled suede - but I'm not sure if that refers to 100% of the suede used for this shoe. And while much better than using new suede (for which animals are slaughtered), this is obviously not a vegan material. 


This shoe is not vegan either. And it may not even be 100 % recylced suede. It may just be "eco suede". That would mean that animals are slaughtered for these shoes, but the treatment of their skin is less environmentally damaging. The description also mentions recylced suede but does not say what percentage of all the suede on this shoe are recycled (i.e. "second hand" basically).
From the éS website:  "[...] Environmentally and socially consciously sourced suede [...] Recycled Suede / Mesh [...]"

SWIFT 1.5 ECO green black white = NOT VEGAN

With this shoe the information is even less clear. It does not even say recycled suede. It only says that some of the materials are recylced. But the percentages below are for the non-leather (non-suede) components of the shoe - and as you can see none of them are 100%. So,  I would guess that the suede is not recycled at all. (From the éS website: "[...] These shoes, utilize pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials and conscious sourcing practices [...] Environmentally and socially conscious suede sourcing [...] 
  • 55% Recycled reinforcement materials
  • 92% Recycled laces
  • 20% Reground outsole rubber