Vegan Kenny Anderson pro shoe on Clearweather Skateboarding

 Clearweather Skateboarding is a (non-vegan) shoe company from (somewhere in) the US. A few days ago - around 19 November 2022 - they have published photos of a new (and vegan) Kenny Anderson pro shoe made from what seems to be a canvas and hemp mix fabric with a rubber toe cap that extends to all the relevant areas (ollie hole and kickflip destruction area around the toes).

The Kenny Anderson shoe is available - or rather not yet available (as of 25 November 2022) - in all black and olive green with black rubber toe cap ... or whatever else they will name the colourways.

See the pictures below:

According to their Instagram, Clearweather's motto is "Suede Where You Need It". So, it's great to see them come out with a vegan shoe, and them saying it is fully vegan - which they do say - and Kenny Anderson putting his foot down (I'm guessing - it doesn't happen automatically, does it?) to make the whole thing of a vegan pro skate shoe possible.

Clearweather's other skate shoes seem to be non-vegan though, i.e. made with animal-source suede.