More vegan éS colourways: Quattro, Accel OG, Accel Slim, Swift 1.5, Caspian (2022)

Updated 21 September 2022

Quite a few newish colourways that I hadn't posted yet. Whithout much idle talk ... here we go:

Accel OG BLACK/CHARCOAL/GUM [vegan suede upper]

Quattro GREY/LIGHT GREY [vegan suede upper]

Accel Slim BLUE/GREY/WHITE [vegan suede upper]

Swift 1.5 BLACK/BLACK/BLACK [vegan suede upper]

Swift 1.5 MAROON/BLACK/WHITE [vegan suede upper]

This, again, is high-quality, durable microfibre suede. I like the new strategy of Sole Tech (my guess) to not mention that the vegan shoes are vegan on the website. Let's hope more people will buy them. The material can totally compete with animal-killing suede - and even looks a bit nicer.

Caspian WHITE [vegan leather and canvas upper]

Caspian BLACK GUM [vegan suede upper]

As always, note that only these colourways are vegan. Other colourways of the same shoes may not be vegan, i.e. are usually non-vegan (made from animal skins).

To all the companies ... make vegan shoes ONLY.