More vegan éS colourways: Quattro, Accel OG, Accel Slim, Swift 1.5, Caspian

Quite a few newish colourways that I hadn't posted yet. Whithout much idle talk ... here we go:

Accel OG BLACK/CHARCOAL/GUM [vegan suede upper]

Quattro GREY/LIGHT GREY [vegan suede upper]

Accel Slim BLUE/GREY/WHITE [vegan suede upper]

Swift 1.5 BLACK/BLACK/BLACK [vegan suede upper]

Caspian WHITE [vegan leather and canvas upper]

As always, note that only these colourways are vegan. Other colourways of the same shoes may not be vegan, i.e. are usually non-vegan (made from animal skins).

To all the companies ... make vegan shoes ONLY.