éS x Muckmouth "Stylus mid" some type of blue (2023)

I came across these in the vegan skateboarders Facebook group. A collaboration between éS and Muckmouth, usual éS style and vegan.

I'm wondering why they didn't choose to make it vegan suede. Also curious on how good/durable this vegan full grain-type "leather" is. 

These will only be out from February 2023. And the name is ...

The éS x Muckmouth Stylus Mid

From the Muckmouth website

"Introducing the MuckMouth x éS Skateboarding Stylus Mid - made with 100% vegan-leather.

Available February 2023 - yeah, I know that’s a million years away, but that will give you time to throw away your Cariumas and get some baggier jeans (which will also be available as part of this release) to pair with these beauties."

Like me you might be more used to low top shoes, but maybe we shouldn't be too picky. I'm a big fan of the colour blue, so I'm not sure ... there is something about these shoes. They somehow seem too ... American (?). Anyway, great that Muckmouth chose to make it vegan. Please continue to do so. Don't make animals go through this hell [notice, no hyperlink?] just to make skate shoes.

To all the companies ... make vegan shoes ONLY! 🍍🍍