éS Accel ... more vegan colourways

All the Sole Tech shoe companies (éS, etnies, Emerica) now have a "vegan" section (or "capsule") on their websites. However, there may always be some shoes that are actually also vegan but that they forgot to list in the vegan section. On the éS website you can find ALL of the vegan éS shoes by just searching "vegan" in the search box.

Like Donald Watson, the inventor of the word "vegan", said: the good thing about the word "vegan" is that you can quickly type it into your typewriter. 

Check it out: one après skate shoe (or "chill shoe" if you like), one all canvas colourway I had not seen before, and two Ever Stitch (often also spelled "Everstitch") skate shoes.

Accel Remastered (5101000181) navy brown white

The ACCEL Remastered is the ultimate hi-tech [éS] chill shoe that integrates world class sole technology from Vibram [...]. This modern runner style shoe is the perfect travel companion when jumping on a long distant flight, wearing in between skate sessions, or when ever you need an elevated hyper comfort type of feeling. PLEASE ORDER A HALF SIZE SMALLER. THE ACCEL REMASTERED RUNS BIG.
  • Modern Runner Styling with inspiration of an evolved [éS] ACCEL
  • Vibram [..] SPHIKE OutSole
  • Engineered for Stability & Comfort
  • Optimal balance of traction & durability
  • Responses well to unpredictable situations
  • Vibram SPHIKE RGS Outsole Unit
  • Engineered for stability and comfort
  • Responsive of unpredictable
  • Synthetic
  • Vegan

Accel Slim Vegan (5101000144) black wash

We have been receiving global demand for more animal friendly products so we decided to finally implement them this season in our fall line. Many of our employees, team, retailers, and fans from around the world eating more plant based than ever, we thought it was finally time to create this Vegan pack. Incorporating the toughest canvas and synthetic nubuck in these styles. We will continue to provide animal friendly products for the years to come. Please contact us through our social media platforms or talk to your local rep if you have any ideas or products that would be more eco and animal friendly.
  • Premium STI Energy Foam insoles
  • Advanced Cupsole Construction Provides excellent Durability, Boardfeel, and Grip to increase Ollie Control
  • Premium Quality Vegan Upper for Longevity and Style
  • Perforated Side Panel for foot Ventilation and fresh style
  • Iconic éS branding on Tongue, Heel, Insole & Lower Center Lace loo
  • Vegan

Accel Plus Ever Stitch (5101000160) black glam

As one of the most demanded [éS] shoes, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch progresses quality, function and style to new realms. Featuring an ankle strap for additional support, the velcro strap provides a snug fit and stability that will increase the confidence in your riding. The lightweight and breathable STI Everstitch upper is reinforced with a Thermothane toe piece for durability
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • Energy Foam insole
  • 400NBS rubber outsole
  • Everstitch upper for breathability and durability
  • Synthetic/ Everstitch
  • Vegan

Accel Plus Ever Stitch (5101000160) white blue

[the text is exactly the same as with the one above]