éS "Accel Plus Ever Stitch navy red white" is vegan

I had overlooked this one. Apart from really promoting their three new vegan "Beyond Suede" skate shoes - I need to add "skate" because éS now also make non-skate shoes ("après skate") - there is one more vegan shoe currently available on the éS websites (USA, UK, EU).

It's part of that colourful blue and red "hyper beauty" series.

Here it is:


As one of the most demanded éS shoes, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch progresses quality, function and style to new realms. Featuring an ankle strap for additional support, the velcro strap provides a snug fit and stability that will increase the confidence in your riding. The lightweight and breathable STI Everstitch upper is reinforced with a Thermothane toe piece for durability


Item Code: 5101000160/465
Color: Navy/red/white
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • Energy Foam insole
  • 400NBS rubber outsole
  • Everstitch upper for breathability and durability
  • Synthetic/ Everstitch
  • Vegan

Note: For vegans this shoe is a bit hidden on the éS websites at the moment. When I type "vegan" into the search box on the éS website (Europe  or UK websites), then the "Accel Plus Ever Stitch navy/red/white" does show up in the drop down list, but when I press enter, this shoe is not shown. On the US-American éS website this shoe does neither show up in the drop down list (when I type "vegan") or when I press enter.

 Thank you éS for all the vegan/leather-free options and for really making an effort to promote them!