Skate shoes: New Balance Numeric "NM213SAM" is vegan (leather-free)

New Balance Numeric has a new vegan (leather-free) skate shoe: the NM213SAM.

Note that NM213 is also available in other colourways (even though they may not currently show up on the New Balance websites - depending on which country's NB website you're checking).

The NM213SAM seems to only be available in this one colourway, namely "White with blue". The shoe - or rather this colourway of this shoe - is a Samarria Brevard pro model. Both men's and women's sizes are available.

See Samarria Brevard's instagram: skate and music (which makes it seem that she's also into plant-based/vegan eating).

This is what the New Balance website says:

"Our New Balance Numeric NM213 combines a classic skate silhouette with heritage New Balance design inspiration. The result: superior durability provided by a synthetic suede and canvas upper with streamlined style that's street ready. Our New Balance skate sneakers feature a classic vulcanized sole. This edition was designed in collaboration with New Balance Numeric athlete Samarria Brevard, with colors inspired by dragonflies."

[Note that the vulcanization process may or may not involve the use of some kind of animal products (which I personally do not consider too relevant, but which cannot explain the confusing feedback from the NB customer service below though).]

"Product Details
Style #: NM213SAM
Custom insert
Designed in collaboration with NB Numeric athlete Samarria Brevard
Reinforced synthetic suede toe cap and ollie panel
Rubber vulcanized outsole"

"Designed for professional skateboarder Samarria Brevard"

"Built for pushing boundaries
Dual-layer synthetic suede construction for strength and durability"

"Designed to shine through
Pops of color and dragonfly artwork capture the spirit of Samarria"

What the New Balance customer service says (you better sit down):

[7 May 2021, German New Balance website customer service, my translation from German:]
"[...] For the product NM213 real leather was used in the manufacturing process. [...]"

[10 May 2021, German New Balance website customer service, my translation from German:]
"[...] The product NM213 contains genuine leather. [...]"
Note: I did link to the "NM213SAM", and this is the only "NM213" currently available on the German NB website. However, I did only ask about the "NM213" rather than be more specific and ask about the "NM213SAM". However, then I asked specifically about the "NM213SAM":

[10 May 2021, German New Balance website customer service, my translation from German:]
"[...] For all of our products leather is used in the manufacturing process. The product NM213SAM was manufactured using leather. And therefore contains residues of leather [...]."

[11 May 2021, Spanish (from Spain) New Balance website customer service, my translation from Spanish:]
"I saw that my colleague [.] has already responded to your question in German."
An interesting look behind the scenes at the New Balance multinational corporation. 😅

[11 May 2021, French (from France) New Balance website customer service, my translation from French:]
Note: I had not mentioned the word "vegan", but this person knew what I was up to. 
"[...] New Balance does not currently offer vegan product range. We are currently developing vegan shoes [this person used the word "végétaliennes" - for those of you interested in French] which will be on the market next year and we hope to extend this offer even more during the future seasons.
Leather usually comes from pigs [they used the word "porc"] or cow. [...]"
Props to the French customer service agent. 👊

Now, maybe more useful:
NBNumeric on instagram (11 May 2021):
"[..] The Samarria 213 is made out of all synthetic materials. There are no animal products in this shoe. Not sure why Germany customer service is saying that."


Update regarding the glues used by New Balance: 
I received an email by the US-American NB customer service and they wrote: "Many of our products are made with synthetic or plant-based materials that typically do not contain animal materials. We have worked closely with our top adhesive suppliers to ensure that they are not using animal byproducts. Therefore many of our products which are not made of leather, suede, wool, or down are likely free of all animal byproducts, but we have not certified them as such." (24 May 2021)