Skate shoes: "Axion Majik" is vegan (leather-free)

Note: I am referring to the colourways of the "Axion Majik" that are currently available on the Axion website: "navy", "white", "black", and "black & white". All of these seem to be vegan (leather-free).

Customer service info:

I sent an email to Axion asking "if the "Axion Majik" (; colorways Navy, Black, Black & White, and White) has a completely leather-free upper, i.e. 100% synthetic without any leather from animals".

The Axion customer service replied: "Correct, the Majik is made of PU and Mesh. No leather. [...]"

So, this post is based on what the Axion website says and what the Axion customer service has confirmed to me by email. Please do check the shoes yourself, if possible, or ask the seller (or Axion again), to confirm this information. Past experiences have taught us that shoes companies sometimes do provide (and confirm, and confirm again) absolutely incorrect information about their shoes (example Adidas, example DC). I haven't seen this shoe in real life.

What the Axion website says (same text for all four colourways):

• Internal sock-like construction for ultimate fit and support, combined with 3-D mesh for comfort and breathability.
• Custom molded TPU chassis provides support and stability.
• AXION-LITE foam midsole for lightweight cushioning and comfort.
• Printed rubber toe cap for durability.
• Lightweight synthetic upper.
• Rubber outsole with AXION-PRISM tread pattern provides grip and board feel.




Black & White

Historical note: 

Axion was a skate shoe company in roughly the late 1990s/early 2000s. It was associated with Kareem Campbell - he may also have been the founder and owner (?). Guy Mariano had a popular shoe on Axion. Gino Iannucci had a shoe. Even Brian Anderson had an Axion shoe (as seen on his Thrasher cover, April 2000). I say "even" because Axion was more of a "fresh". If I remember right Axion - in the old days - never had any leather-free shoes. So, I have never had a pair of Axion shoes in my life. The current Axion is a rehash of the old Axion.

Random note:

"[...] Axion exists again for the third time round [.] whoever they are [...]" Neil MacDonald (Slam City Skates Don Brown interview)