A message from Dennis Lyxzén (Refused)

Dennis Lyxzén Münster 21 June 2019 from christian koeder on Vimeo.

Münster 21 June 2019

I was going to request "Jag äter inte mina vänner" but they were gone too quickly.

A while ago I actually applied at the Department of Food and Nutrition at Umeå University to do a PhD there ... because Refused are from there. ... They said: No, thank you. :D

(Note: I do not literally agree with every word he says. But he's a poet after all.)

Update 18 July 2019:
I found this photo of Dennis Lyxzén on Facebook. I had knee pads that looked exactly like that. From the way it looks I would this mute air picture to around 1988 (when I still had a crappy sports store board with hard plastic wheels).

(P.S.: And yes, the irony between the anti-capitalist rant and the large Titus stickers everywhere - in the video above - is obvious.)