éS Accel Plus Ever Stitch (with Kevlar)

Skateboard shoe company éS has a new (quite new - I think it must be from 2019) colourway of the ACCEL PLUS EVER STITCH, colourway "black/teal", teal being a colour, named after a duck. Like all the éS shoes that use the "ever stitch technology", i.e. a synthetic webbed and supposedly quite strong upper, that éS call ever stitch, they are leather-free and vegan-friendly. Even though the éS website currently does not state that the new colourway is vegan, the most excellent éS customer service has confirmed that this new colourway is in fact vegan, too.

Compared to the 2018 colourway "navy/red" this new colourway "navy/teal" has an update: a kevlar toe cap to make all the fippin' and floppin' all the merrier. I will be on the lookout to test them ... one day ... soon. Kevlar is a brand name and is a kind of aramid fibre (a strong synthetic fibre). It's probably best not to set it on fire and/or inhale its dust.

Even though Nike and Adidas seem to have used kevlar in shoes and shoe laces before using kevlar in shoes still seems to be relatively underexplored territory. Meaning: éS living up to their reputation as "tech" skate shoe company. Kevlar is supposed to be tough as nails so it would be very interesting to see how kevlar holds up to the grip tape violence that we love to engage in.

Unfortunately for vegans, and for animals in slaughterhouses, the "Accel Plus Ever Stitch" (both colourways, see above) is the only vegan shoe currently on the éS website and there are no vegan shoes lined up for the next season for éS.

That means the only vegan shoes by éS currently are the ones that included the term "ever stitch" (look for "ever stitch" or "everstitch"): the Accel Plus Ever Stitch (NOT any type of other Accels without "ever stitch"), the Swift Ever Stitch (NOT the other Swifts), and the Accel Slim Ever Stitch. You might still find these around and about.

From the éS website:




As one of the most demanded éS shoes, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch progresses quality, function and style to new realms. With a 360? wrap around the ankle, the Velcro strap provides a snug fit and stability that will increase the confidence in your riding. The lightweight and breathable STI Everstitch upper is reinforced with a Thermothane toe piece for durability.


Item Code: 5101000160/387
Color: Black/teal
  • Inspired by the Accel Plus
  • Velcro strap for snug fit
  • Everstitch upper for breathability
  • and durability
  • Hotmelt quarter panels
  • Kevlar toe cap