Vegan nutrition - separating the evidence from superstition VIDEO

Yesterday I gave a presentation on vegan nutrition - Vegan Nutrition - Separating the Evidence from Superstition - at the fabulous International Animal Rights Conference 2018 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg, and I managed to do so at record-breaking speed, leaving enough time for questions. I had given a similar presentation before in Madrid in October 2016 (organized by Animal Ethics). 

My first time to the conference and my first time in Luxemburg, I was impressed with Luxemburg, with how many languages can be spoken and written down in relatively small spaces, how steep hills can be and how people can speak in Portuguese to their dog while speaking in French to me (at me) at the same time. And I was mightily impressed with IARC, everybody at the conference and especially the professional organization the super-friendly and helpful organizers. I feel very honoured I was given the chance to speak just before the breathtakingly amazing and really necessary presentation given by Melanie Joy.
I was only able to attend the conference from Friday evening to Saturday evening, but was impressed by all the presentations I saw, especially also the presentation on "Ableism, ageism and speciesism" by Geertrui Cazaux, and I was super STOKED on seeing Huiyu Ouyang's presentation on vegan activism at universities in China. Also many interesting insights by Jane Velez-Mitchell (Jane Unchained), Dawn Moncrief (A Well-Fed World), and Aysegül Ciyer.

I thank everyone involved in the organization of IARC 2018, all the attendees, everyone who came up to me and talked to me after the presentation and especially Heiko for getting me on board of this year's conference. Thank you! On the way home, I even escaped (unscathed) a train full of drunken Böhse Onkelz concert returnees who gave me the low-down on the differences between the 1990s shows and the concert crowds now. 

You can the see the 36 min here. Thanks to the Vegan Kanal YouTube channel (do subscribe). Please thumb up the video, comment your comments, share, and do criticize if you wish.

Also, anywhere where you can wear a Beastie Boys T-shirt to your presentation is my kind of conference. Sorry to all the speakers I missed!