The French and their vitamin B12 fortified brioche for the elderly

Picture stolen from invegetableswetrust
On 17 August 2018 the check out worthy Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) reported in Twitter that the government in France now provides "free" (covered by health insurance) vitamin B12 fortified (non-vegan) bread for malnourished people, including malnourished elderly persons.

Maybe this is a fist step to more widespread vitamin B12 fortification in Europe (?). 

FFI cites the following article ("French government provides nutrient-enriched bread to the malnourished" by Will Chu, 7 August 2018) on the website

e is to offer brioche [NOT VEGAN] bread as a health supplement to its elderly population amongst others as the country’s welfare system agrees to cover the cost of the program expected to roll out in October. 

G-Nutrition, a bread fortified with vitamins, calcium, selenium as well as protein, is to be made available in chemists this autumn. It is currently available to buy online priced at €16 for 12 loaves and €36 for a pack of 30 loaves.

Developed by the Cerelab laboratories in partnership with Nutrisens, the team told French newspaper Le Figaro​​ that “This food is recommended in the following situations: increased protein needs of the elderly and/or malnourished, in the case of a pathology (cancer, HIV ...) or muscle wasting”.​

Currently available in vanilla or chocolate flavour, the bread is specifically fortified with vitamins B12, B6 and B9, as well as calcium and selenium.

Protein content (whey) [OH NO!] has been boosted to 13.4g for a 65g G-Nutrition brioche roll. This value covers 20% of the Recommended Dietary Intake and is hailed as an effective way to tackle weight loss.


G-Nutrition has been five years in development and is the result of a research program that began in 2008 […]

[…] an improvement in plasma levels of selenium and vitamin B12, […].


“In addition, vitamin B9, B2, D, B6, and B12 values ​​increased while those of homocysteine, a marker of chronic inflammation, decreased in the G-Nutrition group. CRP, a marker of acute inflammation, also decreased.”​


Currently available without a prescription, G-Nutrition joins the list of products reimbursable by Social Security.

The decree of 9 July 2018 published in the Official Journal​​ states in detail its use as a “ready-to-use solid special diet food for medical purposes, packaged in individual breads of 65 grams.”​

The decree adds that health insurance will cover the bread’s costs until July 31, 2023.”

Can someone please give/send me some vegan brioche?