éS Sesla 20 second review

Grippy and durable soles. Padded insoles - really appreciated. 

Even though skating will eat into the rubber cap the sole's edge resists being "rounded off" quite well.  

The Sesla has hidden lace loops. Use them. But there isn't a hidden loop for the top one. The loops need a new material (something indestructable) or some re-designing I would say. They look good, though. This is a good looking shoe.

The soles are GOOD.

The vegan suede (microfiber or whatever it is) is good = durable and good looking.

Even the easy-to-destroy looking mesh is not easy to destroy at all.

As there is no hidden loop for the top position, and as the hidden loops can also break, I used a pair of scissors to cut a lace "slot" into the material - the material around this slot/slit did NOT wear out/fray AT ALL. 

I fixed the hole with a bit if microfiber from an old (destroyed) pair of Servant Dagon. 

Once the soles are worn through to the foamy there is no turning back and sole destruction is inevitable. Pressure flip excess kills your soles.

Highly recommended. All versions of the "éS Sesla" are vegan-friendly as far as I know.