Pictures I found today of MCA with a skateboard

This video still is probably from the late 1980s.

This is in New York City, in 1986 (in May, apparently), and the photo is by Ricky Powell.

This photo is probably from around 1987.

These two photos are probably from around 1998.

This is on Tower Records, New York City, in 1996.

This is an interview in Thrasher magazine, from around 1994.

These photos were shot in New York City, in 1986 (it seems).
This photo is from 1986 and seems to have been taken by Sunny Bak.
Another photo by Sunny Bak, from 1986. These are probably all from the same shoot on the same day.

This photo is also from 1986 and is by Glen E. Friedman.

Another photo by Ricky Powell, from 1986.

Two photos by Glen E. Friedman, from 1987.

An "ad" for Thrasher gear, from 1987.

Free Tibet skateboard signed by Adam Yauch in 2012.

This photo seems to be from around 1987 - pre Paul's Boutique.

And this photo looks like it's in their Atwater Village studio ("G-Son studios") in Los Angeles, with a "Grasshoff" outfit. It must be from around 1989.

Unless I'm wrong that is Adam Yauch on the skateboard. And Mike D on the corner. If you can spot Ad Rock let me know. Paul's Boutique came out in 1989. So these photos are from early 1989 or from 1988, I would guess.
And this photo of MCA may be from the same photo shoot.

This photo of MCA with Bryce Kanights looks like it's from 1991.

This photo is from 1992 and seems to have been taken by Ebet Roberts. Check Your Head era. Mike D is wearing Airwalk One's.

This looks like it's also from 1992. Thrasher "ad" (no skateboard visible though).

1992, Japanese TV [?] video footage of MCA ("Beastie Boys HD : Very Rare Japan Footage - 1992")
In Japan, 1992, video still
MCA with Jennifer Finch of L7, in 1992

This photo is from 1994 (I'm guessing). Ill Communication era. Hurricane and MCA on the sofa. Mike D with a Minor Threat T-shirt. They had a cover version of "Screaming at a wall" on the Sabotage VHS video (which is from 1994).

Also check out these two videos: 
here ("Beastie Boys on MTV Sports (05-29-1992)")
here ("Beastie Boys HD : MCA On The G-Son Studios Skate Ramp" [probably around 1989]).