Top 5 Fugazi zine interviews I found in the attic

"Or for another example, I’ve been a vegan for the past 26 years, not a big fucking deal for me, it’s just a decision I made. If I go to someone’s house for dinner, people get weird about it, but it’s something that I don’t like to broadcast if they don’t know." Ian MacKaye
(Jeff Jetton, Brightest Young Things, Ian MacKaye Interview, 24 Sept 2013)

Celebrating this statement with some old Fugazi interviews: 

Anti-Matter, Issue 4


Monozine, Issue 6 (Sick Sick Six, The Rock Issue)

 Scorpion, Issue 3

Vision-on, Issue 16

Status, Issue 9

Update: 18 September 2022:

Bonus track

From Thrasher magazine, September 2001:

Also see several mentions of Fugazi in Vegetarianism in skateboarding (1978 to 2015).