Frankfurt is my kind of town. It's full of beggars, homeless people, junkies, prostitutes, quite bad looking people with 900 Euro coats and a lot of what they call foreigners. There's also a nice [!] touristy little corner. Animalitos en Fráncfort del Meno. 

This is a white tiger, somewhere in the US, inbred over many generations in order to get the white coat, ice blue eyes and pinkish nose. The photo is by Taryn Simon and is currently in the MMK in Frankfurt.

also by Taryn Simon, KKK HQ, somewhere in the US (also in MMK)
note the guy sitting in the middle wearing Etnies

el brasileño (Sebastião Salgado), un caballo en México (also in MMK)

If you could see how blue his eyes are.