Vegan Society film from 1976!

Vegan Society film (about 30 min) produced for the BBC "Open Door" series in 1976. 

Un cortometraje de la Sociedad Vegana del Reino Undio (Vegan Society), producido en 1976 para la BBC.

Update 6 September 2021: new link

Side note: "The society [Vegan Society] received a magnificent boost in publicity and resources in 1976 when covered by the BBC Open Door program. The [Vegan Society's] office received 300 phone calls, 9,000 letters, and a spike of several hundred new members. Its revenue multiplied several times. This growth allowed it to hire staff and rent a premise, but it also forced some complicating managerial decisions. In 1979, The Vegan Society (1979) changed to a Company Limited by Guarantee to relieve trustees of their growing duties. Some expressed concern that this bureaucratization would undermine the society’s founding spirit. Thus, as the society launched as a registered charity in 1980, 'Grassroots News' became a new section with emphasis on keeping a community and nurturing networking and local connection. The decision to bureaucratize could not have come sooner; the airing of The Animals' Film on UK’s Channel 4 just a year later had a mobilizing effect similar to that of Open Door." (Wrenn 2019)