Even on the short distance flight, Santiago - Buenos Aires, I got my special meal (Air Canada). No pictures of the meal (no camera).

Interestingly, they gave me a Chilean vegan margarine that I had never seen or heard of: Osku (Maybe it is only available to commercial caterers?)
Ingredientes: Aceite Vegetal, Agua, Aceite cítrico, Sal. 
Alimentos Osku S.A., Av. A. Vespucio Int. 300, Quilicura, Stgo, Fono: 7390440. www.oskufood.cl

The Lufthansa meals were quite good for plane food (2 meals). A soy schnitzel with rice, mushrooms, and vegetables. The other meal had (only slightly flavored) tofu slices, bread, crackers, salad etc. - always with the idiocy of fruit for dessert (Once I got an alpro dessert, not this time.).

Somewhere over the Atlantic people were screaming (only a few) during some strong turbulence (didn't last very long luckily, so I could keep watching George Clooney movies).