With Ted Danson in La Paz

The white things that look like white stones are some type of potato called "túnta" - or so I was told by a friendly girl selling them.

The brown long pods are pacaí.

This market is on the same street (Zoilo Flores) as Namas Té. 


Namas Té
a vegetarian restaurant, with clearly marked vegan options and an English and Spanish menu
Zoilo Flores 1334, La Paz
(Sunday closed I think)

maracuya juice and bread with something like (what is called...) pebre (... in Chile)

This was called bárbara: potatoes, soya meat, onions etc.


In Namas Té I also found a flyer by a Bolivian animal advocacy group promoting vegetarianism called APLA Bolivia. Not sure if they actually still exist.

my hostel just outside the terminal de buses, 60 Bs per night for a single room with TV (50 channels)

spray can foam and water pistols everywhere

Chile - Bolivia   0 : 1   

the beginning of a thunderstorm

I don't know if these were gringo prices, but I paid:
5 bananas: 2 Bs
10 bread "rolls": 4 Bs (I asked whether it contained "leche", "huevo" or "manteca" - and they all said it contained "nada de nada" and no animal products whatsoever.)
large papaya: 7 Bs
2 mangos: 5 Bs (also called manga)
1 pacaí: 1 Bs
1 bag of Brazil nuts: 15 Bs (almendras nacionales)
bag of flat breads: 2 Bs
1 avocado: 4 Bs (called "palta" like in Chile)   
25 fresh figs: 5 Bs

Tucumana from Namas Té - something like an empanada, but really juicy and really good, filled with vegetables and soya meat.

Terminal de Buses La Paz

Are you consuming enough calcium?

now see
(not vegan these cakes)


Assuming the lecithin is vegan, this chocolate is vegan, and quite expensive: 12 Bs.

Casa de la democracia

The Star of India

The Star of India, Calle Cochabamba 170, La Paz (Like Namas Té this is in the center, too.)

Sagarnaga street is very touristy with many travel agencies and everything in English. It says "vegetarian food" here.

mercado de las brujas (kind of Sagarnaga con Linares)

Llama fetuses everywhere - these are burnt and offered to pachamama.

I think this is on Zoilo Flores. It says falafel and humus.

coca leaves everywhere

Biscuits, according to the ingredients all of these are vegan.

some kind of drink

potato chips

Soy milk in plastic bags - some of them contain monodiglycerides and vegetable fat.

carne de soya

Micro Centro Vegetariano - no idea where or what this actually was.

Namas Té was closed on Sunday morning. The flyer I had taken from the restaurant says 8:30 - 19:00, but I think they are closed on Sundays and close earlier on Saturdays.

caramelos de maca - pure rock hard sugar 

When leaving La Paz at night you can see all the city lights from above. This is still at the coach terminal.