where I stayed (I payed $6,000 CLP for one night for a single room, which was a two bed room, that they gave me as a single room.)

Eiffel (There's a skate shop to the left. It's always closed it seems, but in the evening it was actually open. At night there were about 200 skateboarders on the square in front of the church.)


5 against 1

invisible guy


barely acceptable


on top of Arica

what poor people do for a scholarship

the main shopping street, pedestrian zone: Paseo Peatonal 21 de Mayo

Santa Isabel supermarket (They have some Pancho Villa wraps and vegan Pancho Villa refried beans in a can - and marraqueta bread - the usual.)

Save yourself.

juiceless juice stall

Steve Best's new store

Chile vs. Bolivia - pay attention 
None of these are vegan, of course.

where Ween would eat

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I was sitting on that corner - selling drugs.

Someone had to say it, mate.

In La Paz I saw a street named "Reineke Fuch" (!).



You're holding my dick like a throttle.

hostel (The room reminded me of Bangkok, but it was a lot nicer of course, less humid, less noise, less pollution, real walls!).

This reminds me of Hospet.

This is what the terminal de buses in Arica looks like (looks like a real terminal). Left of this is the international terminal (looks like a 3rd world terminal). I bought my ticket to La Paz in the normal terminal ($15,000 CLP, the company was called CALI), but I saw people buying the same ticket in the international terminal for $20,000. At the entrance there's a box office where you'll have to buy a "boleto de terminal" (They'll call this many different names. It allows you to use the terminal - nonsense - and only costs 200 pesos.)

The terminal is not in the center, but you can walk in 15 min. Most hostels are in the center, but in no particular street it seems (1 or 2 per street).