The vegetarian restaurant Dharma mentioned on HappyCow doesn't exist anymore.
El restaurante vegetariano "Dharma" (Chacabuco 751) en Valdivia está cerrado.

I swear that was Jamie Oliver, you have to believe me.

Sling rocks Palestinian style

Trees make everything better.

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known for romance

La cultura chilena

Mote con huesillo

I didn't really see any special vegan food options in Valdivia, but I wasn't really looking either. You can buy French fries (papas fritas), there are several Unimarc supermarkets where you can buy vegan Pancho Villa tortilla wraps and vegan Pancho Villa refried beans (frijoles refritos), for other bread always look for "marraqueta" - that's usually vegan and you can find it here in the open bread section (bag the bread and take it to the person who weighs it and puts the label on - that label has the price and the ingredients) of Unimarc as well.