vegan cats and dogs

Jed Gillen: Obligate Carnivore
Cats, Dogs, and What it Really Means to be Vegan

Excellent, funny, and rational book about why we all should feed animal refugees ("pets") vegan diets. If you are taking care of a dog or cat, I highly recommend this book (even and especially if you are not vegan). Two small criticisms:
a) His description of freeganism is not very realistic or accurate. And I think he's missing the real reason why we should be (I think) vegan and NOT freegan.
b) He's still holding on to the idea that what is or is not "natural" has anything to do with ethics or what we should be doing.
Buy or borrow this book today.

Super Buch (auf Englisch), das die Gründe dafür liefert, warum wir Hunde und Katzen vegan ernähren sollten.
Un libro genial sobre por qué deberíamos alimentar los gatos y perros con una dieta vegana si es posible (en inglés).