("kitchen of longing" / "cocina de añoranza")

This 100% vegan restaurant is literally located in the middle of nowhere - and upstairs and inside of a horse riding rink (!) which you can look down onto from the restaurant above through a huge glass wall (!). Working with what's available!
The food is authentic Swabian cuisine ("Swabia" is a regon in Southern Germany) - and I mean truly authentic! They are in every way (except animals as food) a typical Swabian countryside restaurant, and their food is amazing. (As I grew up in the region I might be biased.) There is also a regular vegan meet-up at their restaurant (check the website). As far as I know, this is the very first vegan restaurant in Germany (first ever, and going!). It was opened in 1994 (first in a village near-by), and then relocated to these premises in 1998. The owner (and founder) is also super nice. Check the opening times, and I would call ahead if you go there.

Typisch schwäbische Wirtschaft (!) in bzw. außerhalb von Mühlacker gelegen, zwischen Karlsruhe und Stuttgart, schmeckt genau wie früher! Komplett vegan. Sehr wahrscheinlich das erste vegane Restaurant Deutschlands (gegründet 1994, seit 1998 an dieser Lokalität). 

Un restaurante 100% vegano con comida típca de la zona (comida suaba, del suroeste de Alemania). La comida es completamente auténtica y bastante buena. Es muy probable que es el primer restaurante vegano de Alemania. Lo abrieron en 1994.

Bratkartoffeln ("fried potatoes" / "papas salteadas")
Cordon Bleu aus Dinkel-Seitan (a Viennese schnitzel filled with cheese made from homemade spelt seitan / un escalope relleno de queso hecho de seitan de escanda)

"For the animals' sake - vegan" "En gracia a los animales - vegan"

"Paz para todos que entran aquí"

They also had homemade vegan ice cream.
Es gab auch hausgemachtes veganes Eis.
También tenían helado vegano de la casa.