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Città de fango eterno - a vegan exploration of Rome

INTRO There seem to be about 5 million vegetarians and vegans in Italy. There are about 60 million people in Italy. So that's approaching 10%. (Rome has about 3 million people.)  There are at least two vegan fast food franchise chain restaurants ("vegan McDonald's", Universo Vegano and Veggy Days) and several completely vegan businesses of different kinds: a vegan market stall, organic food shops, shoe shops, ice cream shops etc.

Must-go in Rome: Vegan Store market stall in Testaccio food market 

There are quite a few other vegan businesses in Rome not mentioned here. You can find most of them on HappyCow. I was told by a local vegan to particularly mention a 100% vegan restaurant called "Gusto Italia". If I had had more time I would have certainly gone there.