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Empathy with animals

Rosa Luxemburg
Letters from prison to Sonia Liebknecht
Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland), Mid December, 1917
Sonichka, dear, I had such a pang recently. In the courtyard where I walk, army lorries often arrive, laden with haversacks or old tunics and shirts from the front; sometimes they are stained with blood. They are sent to the cells to be mended, and then go back for use in the army. The other day one of these lorries was drawn by a team of buffaloes instead of horses. I had never seen the creatures close at hand before. They are much more powerfully built than our oxen, with flattened heads, and horns strongly recurved, so that their skulls are shaped something like a sheep’s skull. They are black, and have large, soft eyes. The buffaloes are war trophies from Rumania.

Mitgefühl mit Tieren

Rosa Luxemburg
Brief aus dem Gefängnis an Sonia Liebknecht
Breslau (jetzt: Wrocław), Mitte Dezember 1917

„Ach, Sonitschka, ich habe hier einen scharfen Schmerz erlebt, auf dem Hof, wo ich spaziere, kommen oft Wagen vom Militär, voll bepackt mit Säcken oder alten Soldatenröcken und Hemden, oft mit Blutflecken ..., die werden hier abgeladen, in die Zellen verteilt, geflickt, dann wieder aufgeladen und ans Militär abgeliefert.

Skate skate shoes

Fallen Slash Black Black Purple Canvas + Synthetic Suede (toe cap) (tela + gamuza sintética)


Even on the short distance flight, Santiago - Buenos Aires, I got my special meal (Air Canada). No pictures of the meal (no camera).

The last of the piñatas

just another piñata I didn't get to smash