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A vegan tourist guide to Germany

A vegan tourist guide to Germany / Guía vegana de Alemania updated November 2013 / actualizado noviembre 2013
Bread / pan
"Normal" (i.e. non-sweet) German bread is usually vegan. I recommend not to worry about tiny microingredients. Rule of thumb: If it's not sweet, it's usually vegan. In health food shops wholegrain bread sometimes contains honey. 
El pan "normal" (no los panes dulces) en Alemania normalmente es vegano. Recomiendo que no te preocupes con pequeñitas micro-ingredientes. En las tiendas naturistas el pan integral a veces contiene miel de abejas.

(typical for Southern Germany)
These are usually NOT vegan. In ALDI Süd I found vegan ones (instore bread vending machines). You can read all the ingredients (in German) but there seem to be regional differences as I've now seen them containing butterfat. To find vegan fresh "Brezels" is a rare treat. To find frozen ones is easy (frozen food section). 
Normalmente los pretzeles…